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"At Last! ... Here's How YOU Can Get YOUR Case Backhoe Gearbox And Differential Rebuilt By Experts With More Than 30 Years of CASE Transmission Repair Experience From An Amazingly Low $880 + Parts!"

    Lets face it ... NOTHING can cause you to dig deeper into your pocket, and hand over more of your hard earned CASH  quite like a major transmission failure! So before you go handing over all that cash, you need to be satisfied that the repairs are going to be done correctly ... Right!

    Make NO Mistake! When it comes to repairing CASE backhoe Transmissions and Power Shuttles ... Experience is what makes ALL the difference.

    If your serious about saving money on your CASE component repairs and extending the life of your machinery, then Lane Tradings In House Transmission Repair Facility is going to interest you!

    Rather than risk it, (read Noels story below), more and more customers are finding it easier, safer and much more convenient to use Lane Tradings Transmission Repair service.

"Our Customers know that when it leaves our workshop its going to work properly".

With more than 30 years of CASE transmission repair experience, we 
100% Guarantee your components will be overhauled quickly and efficiently.

"Rebuilt To Suit YOUR NeedsFrom an Incredible $880 + Parts"

    That's right! ...  Lane Trading will rebuild any Case 580B 580C 580D 580E or early 580K Gearbox & Differential for the amazing price of just $880 + parts. And it's rebuilt to suit YOUR specific needs ... Not anyone else's.

   Before we even start, we'll ask you several questions to find out what type of work you use your machine for, and how often you use it. That way we can tailor the repairs to best suit  YOUR needs, as well as your budget.

     We'll then dismantle and carefully inspect all the components, and then get back to you to discuss the options you have available, BEFORE commencing any repair work.

    Our customers get all the facts - up front. We 100% Guarantee there are NEVER any nasty surprises when you come to pay the bill.  We can even organise for your transmission to be economically shipped to our repair facility from anywhere in Australia.

   However, if you prefer to carry out your own transmission repairs, then you simply MUST click HERE to discover how Lane Trading will help prevent YOU from becoming the next

"Spare Parts Victim!"

Like to learn more about how Lane Trading's Transmission
Repair Service can provide
YOU with Economically
Solutions to
YOUR Case Transmission repairs?

You can Email an enquiry to
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Here's What Others have to say about 
Lane Tradings Transmission Repair Service

Noel Bowers 580K Transmission Story 

"I experienced four identical transmission failures in my Case 580K in just over 12 months. It cost me thousands not only in parts and labour charges, but in downtime as well. It was a really difficult time as the whole experience was placing me under considerable financial pressure.

      What annoyed me most was that I eventually found out that the reason the failures kept occurring, was because my mechanic didnt know of a few key things that he needed to look for when he rebuilt my transmission. Apparently there were no instructions in the service manual that alerted him to the real problem. So each time my transmission was repaired the real cause of the last failure was never addressed, and each time it would fail again.

     Finally I had Lane Trading rebuilt the transmission. Barry immediately identified two major problems that my other mechanic didnt even know he needed to look for that were causing the repeated failures.

     Lane Trading rebuilt that transmission and I sold the machine 3 years later. The transmission is still going strong today some 8 years later.

     I no longer have any Case equipment and I haven't had a need to deal with Lane Trading for several years. When Barry called and asked if I would tell my story I was happy to do so in the hope that it might prevent the same thing happening to someone else.

    My advise is that if you have a Case Gearbox that needs repair, just send it to Lane Trading".

Noel Bower, Lowood Backhoe Hire, Fernvale Qld

    Some of the cranes we service have the same power shuttle as those used in Case backhoes. Consequently, we have been sending power shuttles to Lane Trading for repair for several years. We find we save money on the parts, and because they know what they are doing, most overhauls are completed within a day, others within a few hours. 

    When you send transmissions all over the country, (as we do), you need to know they are going to work when they get there. Thats why we use Lane Trading.

Bill, Alternative Crane Spares, Strathpine Qld.


    "Our power shuttle failed, we took it out and took it over to Lane Trading, 2hrs later it was fixed. It doesn't get any better than that!"

Tom Comer, Tom Comer Earthmoving Brisbane


      "My 580E transmission was a basket case. The ring and pinion had failed, the housing was cracked, it was a mess. I saw Lane Tradings' number in a magazine and gave them a call. 

    They had all the bits in stock, and knew exactly how to fix the problem. I sent them the transmission in a million pieces, and they arranged for the housing to be repaired, and then assembled the gearbox and differential before sending it back. 

    The whole job cost less than I was quoted for a new transmission housing alone".

Bob Mazlin, Mt Fox via Ingham Qld


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