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YOUR about to discover a powerful secret, that sets Lane Trading apart from any other parts companies you have ever dealt with ... PERIOD!

A secret so powerful, once you experience it . . . we 100% guarantee it will change the way you'll measure VALUE for money . . . forever!

How To DISCOVER the Secrets the Service Manual Won’t tell YOU . . . SECRETS so CRITICAL they can mean the Difference Between Frustratingly Short Term FAILURE of YOUR Repair or Long Term SUCCESS of YOUR Repair.

Just for a moment, I want you to picture yourself in the following scenario, because it’s one that’s been played out in real life dozens of times.

Imagine for a moment that you’re the owner a Case Backhoe, and you’ve just had a major transmission failure. You’ve shopped around and brought all the parts your going to need, in fact you got a really great deal from another parts supplier somewhere.

You’ve taken the parts to your Mechanic, and now YOUR paying them to assemble your transmission. They diligently follow the steps in the Service Manual . . . BUT they DO NOT know the following;


1) The one major mistake NEVER to make when fitting the cross shaft in the differential carrier hub splines. Failure to correct this mistake WILL only lead to costly short-term failure.

2) The one critical check to look for in the transmission housing where the pinion shaft main bearing cup is installed.

3) How to Avoid Crownwheel Runout,and why the Crownwheel & Pinion backlash MUST be checked at
several points to avoid failure.

NONE of these CRITICAL Points are mentioned in any OEM Service Manual! But Overlook any one point & YOU Are ‘GUARANTEED’ that YOUR Newly Rebuilt transmission will FAIL . . . it’s just a matter of time!

Does YOUR Mechanic know that? The really scary prospect is . . . Probably NOT! But here’s an even scarier thought.

Let’s say your mechanic wasn’t aware of critical point number one. A few months later, your newly rebuilt transmission fails, and destroys the brand new crownwheel and pinion set you’ve just had installed . . . Who Do YOU think is to blame?


Unfortunately, Here’s how it often works out. Your mechanic will blame the parts supplier, because after all, he’s a good mechanic, in fact he’s been doing your work for years, and this time, he's assembled your transmission . . . exactly as the Service manual said to do it.

In your mechanic’s mind ... clearly the parts you supplied him were faulty.

So you take the parts back to your parts supplier. They carefully examine them and conclude that "the wear marks clearly indicate – the parts were installed incorrectly by the mechanic."

At that point, YOU'VE just become another Spare Parts Victim! After all, who are YOU to argue with these two ‘experts’?

PLEASE ... Don’t take this the wrong way. We’re not being critical of the OEM Service Manuals, in fact, the Case OEM Service manuals are the very best you’ll find anywhere. We’re also NOT being critical of other mechanics.

The problem lies with the fact that the critical factors we’ve highlighted in this scenario have only ever become known, LONG AFTER the service manuals were written. So as a result, very few people have this sort of specialised knowledge, and without it – you’re out there on a limb waiting to become the next Spare Parts Victim! The real problem is that it’s YOUR Money That’s On The LINE! Lets also not forget about the amount of downtime lost . . . for absolutely NO reason.

How Can YOU Protect Yourself?

How can you be confident that when your components are assembled, you and your mechanic will be aware of all the critical information. The kind of critical knowledge that YOU simply MUST have . . . to ensure you won’t end up being the next Spare Parts Victim?

22 FREE Critical Information Reports

When you purchase your parts through Lane Trading not only will you have an opportunity to save thousands of dollars, where required you will also get one of our exclusive FREE Critical Information reports.

Our Critical Information reports are specifically designed for YOUR benefit, and are Jam Packed with the sort of useful information that will not only make your repair jobs easier, but they can save you thousands of $$$ in needless re-work and costly premature failures.

The primary function of our FREE Critical Information Reports is to provide you with the type of useful information you’ll need, to ensure any product you purchase from Lane Trading is installed correctly, ensuring you’ll enjoy the long term reliability, our customers have come to expect from our products.

This Sort of CRITICAL Information is Simply NOT AVAILABLE at Other Suppliers

It’s a FREE SERVICE available exclusively to customers of Lane Trading.

Each unique Critical Information Report is the product of our 24 years ‘hands on’ experience working with Case Construction equipment, and are an invaluable tool for any one who is about to undertake a major repair.

These Critical Information reports are completely FREE and available when you purchase your repair parts through Lane Trading.

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