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The seven sins that will kill your Case transmission… and how to avoid them and save thousands!

1)  Wheel Spin when loading with the front bucket. Avoid it at any cost, try a higher gear to load if possible to reduce tyre spin.

2)  Not coming to a complete STOP before shifting between Forward and Reverse gear. A self explanatory fix.

3)  Application of the diff lock mechanism while on the go, also not ensuring it has disengaged after use. Always STOP before engaging the diff lock. After use, check it’s disengaged.

4)  Oil leaks. This is a simple one I know, but even little leaks have completely drained a transmission or final drive over time, and resulted in serious damage. Fix those leaks.

5)  Odd sized tyres. Running a new tyre on one side and bald one on the other. Always use tyres of similar circumference.

6)  Not changing the oil every 12 months or every 1000 hrs. Do it ... Oils cheap!

7)  Diff bearings loosing pre load adjustment. Check every 1000 hrs, and have them reset regularly. (Ask me how?)

580B/C/D/E Hydraulic Pumps that  
last longer … but cost YOU less!

For owners of Case 580B/C/D/E model backhoes, a more robust, more cost effective pump is NOW available as a direct replacement for the original aluminum bodied pump.

One of the challenges with the aluminum pumps is that they have a habit of being rendered unserviceable, if even the smallest amount of contaminant enters the hydraulic system.

In most cases, it only takes a small amount of contaminant entering the system, through something as simple as a blown hose, to result in a major pump failure.

Lane Tradings cast iron centre bodied pumps are a tougher breed, that under the same conditions, will not only provide longer service life, but are far more cost effective than the original aluminum pumps.

These pumps are completely interchangeable with the OEM pump, so you won’t need to change a thing.

New replacement pumps are available from just $550.

Many other Hydraulic and Transmission pumps available for Case Backhoes, Dozers and Loaders.

Call Lane Trading for a quote on a new Cast Centre body pump to suit your machine.

Save more than one thousand dollars with new 580K and 580 super K hydraulic pump shaft repair kits!

For just $525 you can now purchase a pump repair kit to repair the most common cause of pump failures on 580K and 580 Super K backhoes...

Failure of the Pump Drive splines

Lane Trading pump repair kits contain everything you’ll need to repair a pump that has suffered a spine failure, for less than one third the cost of a replacement pump.

Included in the kit you get the main drive & driven gears, a new input shaft seal, and new main body seals needed to replace the worn out splines, and You‘ll save more than a thousand dollars over the cost of a new Pump.

Finally! ... Here’s How YOU Can Eliminate RISK from YOUR Machinery Repairs … Get Products that Offer REAL Value for Money … And Enjoy the Unmatched Benefits and Protection of Our Exclusive DOUBLE PERFORMANCE Guarantee!

"If Your NOT getting a Full 12 Month Warranty ... PLUS the added Protection of a Double Performance Guarantee, ... then YOUR just NOT getting the best Value for Money Parts … Period!

Lets’ face it ... When you rely on machinery for YOUR livelihood. When it breaks down, You don‘t want to start taking risks.

  • You want your machine fixed.

  • You want it fixed fast.

  • You want the repairs done right first time.

  • You want Parts that are going to last.

  • And, You want Value for Money.

So when YOUR machinery is down… What you really need is,

Quality Parts that offer Real Value for Money, and not just a "cheap price".

Products that have been tested and proven in the field, and are Guaranteed to stand the test of time.

The information that you simply MUST have, to ensure YOUR repairs are done correctly first time, every time.

But how do you know your really getting Value for Money when

NOT ALL PARTS are created EQUAL?

The answer lies in the Guarantee!

At Lane Trading we won’t stock cheap inferior parts. We only ever stock Quality products that "we know we can rely on to use in our own repair work".

That is why we can Guarantee YOU will be completely satisfied with the performance and value of every spare part that you purchase from Lane Trading.

In fact we 100% Guarantee you that if your mechanic installs our part/s as per our ‘Free Critical Information Reports’ correctly, and you then experience ANY problems with Lane Tradings Parts in the following 12 months . . .

We will Replace them for FREE!

If Lane Trading ever has to ‘Replace any Spare Parts for FREE’ and they fail again . . .

We will book and pay for your component to be shipped to Lane Trading and we will Rebuild it for FREE!

Simple & straightforward. No Hassle. No ‘fine print’. All your mechanic has to do is complete our checklist when the Spare Parts are installed.

YOU have ZERO Risk!

Don’t be fooled into thinking all Parts are the same… 
"If your
NOT getting a Full 12 Month
Warranty, Plus the Added Protection of a Double Performance Guarantee, then your NOT
getting the best Quality, or Value for Money parts … period!"

Click HERE to find out more.n

Get the Crown Jewels! 
And Get E’m for FREE!!

It would appear from the feedback we have received about our FREE Critical Information Reports that for many, getting hold of this sort of information has up till now….. proven a challenge.

As one client put it, "When we’ve asked our local dealer for help with information in the past, our requests are usually met with frosty resistance. You’d think you were asking them to hand over the Crown Jewels, not just a little insider knowledge on how to fix our machine".

In our November 2003 Newsletter we highlighted the fact that the aim of our FREE Critical Information Reports, was to ensure you receive the sort of useful information you’ll need to ensure that any product you purchase from Lane Trading gets installed correctly.

You see, the single most common cause of premature failures, is the incorrect installation and/or setup of the components. By providing you with the sort of information you’ll need to ensure your parts get installed and setup correctly, you will dramatically increase your chances of getting the job done right first time, every time.

Currently we have 22 Exclusive FREE Reports covering a wide range of repair topics available exclusively to customers of Lane Trading. 

Click HERE to learn more

Suit 301, 451 and 504 Case Engines!

At the end of April you’ll be able to source new water pumps to suit most Case Dozer applications, as well as many Case Loader and Agricultural tractor applications through Lane Trading.

These new units will suit Case 301, 336, 451 and 504 series engines with the 4.5" impeller used in Case Dozer models, 850B, 850C, 1150B, 1150C, 1150D, 1450 and 1450B. They also suit Case Four Wheel drive loader models, W7, W14, W18B, W24C and W30 plus many others.

Like our current range of water pumps to suit all Case 4 cylinder engines such as the 188 & 207D and 4:390, you’ll discover these pumps offer great value for money, and are backed by our Exclusive Double Performance Guarantee that ensures your piece of mind.

What ever model CASE engine your running, when things start to overheat, you can bet Lane Trading has the water pump you need to keep it cool.

Footnote: Remember to change you engines coolant at least once every year, or at least every 1000 hrs. The conditioning agent in most coolants (Ethyl Glycol) breaks down with heat and time. So just because the water in your radiator looks "green", don’t be one of the many who get fooled into thinking your engines are protected from electrolysis.

and Case  21 Series LOADERS

While not a stock item just yet. Planetary Hub parts and transmission parts are NOW available to suit Case W14, W18 & W20 series loaders through Lane Trading.

Components such as Crownwheel and Pinion sets, Pinion gears, Spider gears and Ring gears are all available. You can also access a range of planetary parts to suit the older model W8-9-10 series loaders.

Available through our Economical Express Air Freight Service, we can supply these products to your door in around 7 days of placing your order.

For further information and pricing, please contact Lane Trading on 07 3820 2200.

New Final Drive Parts Range for 
Non Case Machines

John Deere and IH Crawler parts will become available from May 2004 with the release of a very cost effective range of Final Drive, Transmission and Steering Clutch parts to suit John Deere Crawlers 350, 355B/C/D, 1010, 420, 430, 440, 450, 455B/C/D/E, and 550, 555 A/B models.

Additionally, J.D backhoe owners will also benefit from a new range of rear axle planetary components to suit John Deere Backhoe models 210, 310 A/B/C, 410, and 410B. Parts from this range will include Planetary sets and gears, Sun shafts, pinion gears and pins, as well as the axles that will provide J.D owners with substantial savings.

On the International Harvester side, there will be a range of Final drive parts including Bullgears, Pinions and axles to suit models 500, 500C/E, TD7C/E/H , TD8C/E/H, TD9H, and TD15.

IH Planetary parts including Ring gears, Planet Gears and Sun shafts etc will also be available to suit IH models H50C, H60, H60E, H90C, D90C, 30B, 260A, E270, 442 & 442B.

Owners of J.D & IH machinery can now slash the cost of their final drive repairs by up to 50%. These cost effective products will be available through our Priority Import Service. Call 07 3820 2200 for further information


580C/D/E Owners! STOP Oil 
Leaks for LESS than $60!

Make NO Mistake!….. If oil is leaking out of your hydraulic cylinders, dirt, dust, water, and other contaminants that ultimately lead to costly component failures will be entering your hydraulic system.

But owners of Case Backhoe models 580C 580D and 580E, we’re making it easy for you to stop the leaks, and potentially save yourself thousands of dollars in costly repairs.

Lane Trading stocks an economical range of Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Kits to suit these models, that are all LESS than $60. (excludes kits for S/S Stabiliser cylinders)

So here’s your opportunity to tidy up all those annoying leaks that you’ve been putting up with. All you have to do is let us know what cylinders are leaking on your machine, and we’ll supply you with a Quality Bulldog Seal Kit to suit your needs.

Lane Trading also has available the NEW Adjustable Gland "C" Spanner that will make light work of undoing all Case Hydraulic cylinder Gland nuts. 

Swing Box and Final Drive Parts to suit Komatsu Excavators and Crawlers!

Massive Savings are available on Komatsu and Case Drott Excavator swing box and final drive components.

The new range will include Swing box Pinion gears, Sun gears, Planetary shafts and ring gears to suit the very popular Komatsu PC200, PC200LC-3, PC220LC-3 swing boxes.

There is also an extensive range of Case swing box parts including models 35, 40, 50, 880, 880B/C/D, 980B, 1085, 1086 & 1280 Excavators

As well as Swing box parts, you’ll also be able to dramatically reduce the repair cost of several Komatsu Excavator final drives. As the range of new products will also includes a cost effective range of Final drive gears and shafts to suit the PC200-3,5 and 6 Excavators, and the D38P-1 Crawlers.

These quality products represent sensational value for money, and are available through our Priority Import service that can land these products at your door in just 7 days. For further information about the range available, please call Lane Trading.

New Priority Import Service delivers urgently needed Parts right to your door in just days!

Have you ever needed parts for your machinery urgently, but found there were none available in the country when you needed them?

Have you ever then been told you’ll have to wait many weeks, or even months for the item to be shipped in from over seas?

NOT any more!

Lane Tradings’ NEW Priority Import Service provides you with access to a massive range of quality replacement products to suit a wide range of Case, Komatsu, John Deere I.H and Allis Chalmers machinery, that will allow you to slash your maintenance and repair costs, and save thousands of dollars.

Best of all our Priority Import Service will land these products right to your door in just a matter of days. Not weeks and months.

In most applications, once we’ve located the exact products you need (normally just 24hrs), we can arrange delivery of those items to your door in just 7 – 10 days max.

Lane Tradings’ new Priority Import Service is a sure fire way to get hold of those hard to find articles, in a time efficient manner.

To find out more, simply call Lane Trading

580 Super K -SK & LE Front Tie Rod Ends

Tie Rod ends and Adjusters suit 4WD 580K, Super K, SK & L’s

In Stock NOW!

Case Steering Components

Kingpin Kits, Balljoints, Steering cylinders, Tie rod ends, Wheel bearing repair kits to suit all Pre 580K models including 580C, 580D, 580E & 480C/D/E

580C Power Steering Pumps!

Lane Trading is the only non OEM Australian distributor of Power steering pumps that suit the Case 580B, 580C, 480, 480B and 480C backhoes, as well as the 586C rough terrain forklifts. Stocks landing March 2003!


580K - Super K - 580SK - 580L

Fix those annoying leaks, with one of our
New Hydraulic cylinder repair kits.

Kits are available ex stock for all early and late

model Case 580 series backhoes.

Radiators & Water pumps

Case 580C - 580D – 580E – 580K – 580SK – 580LE

Also suit 1840 1845C Uniloaders and 480C/D/E/L


Case Engine Rebuild Kits.

Is your engine getting tired?

Getting harder to start?

Fuming and Blowing more smoke than usual?

Lane Trading have Engine Kits available to suit most Case Agricultural & Construction machinery applications.

Whether it’s the little 188 and 207D, or the mighty 504BDTI , call Lane Trading for a Quote on your  Engine parts needs

Engine Kits From $ 1500.00

Hardened Pins and Bushings.



Whether you operate a 580C or a 580LE, you’lldiscover Lane Trading stocks one of the most extensive ranges of cost effective replacement Hardened Pins and Bushings to suit Case backhoes in the country. Available in either single or kit form, ordering the right Pins and bushes you’ll need to renew your backhoe has never been easier.


Case Transaxle & Brake Parts.

For almost 12 years now, Lane Trading has been serving the Transaxle repair needs of our customers with an extensive range of Quality products that offer excellent value for money.

New stocks of popular lines have just landed.

Including Ring and Pinion sets, Bullpinions, hemisphere gears etc to suit 580B 580C 580D 580E 580K.


Hydraulic Components.

Lane Trading stocks an extensive range of Hydraulic Pumps and drive couplings to suit all Case 580C/D/E/K/SK & LE backhoes, as well Control Valves, Cylinders and cylinder seal repair kits.

580K Worn Hyd Pump Splines

Don’t replace the whole pump! 580K/SK & L

Hydraulic pump shaft repair kits are available for just $525.00

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