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Some F.A.Q's

Q: Why should I buy my Case parts from Lane Trading?

A: Simple ... at Lane Trading our focus is on providing our customers with a complete solution to their repair and maintenance needs.

Look  ... lets face it. At most parts outlets today when you order a box of parts, your supplied just that, a box of parts. You hand over your money and thats it  ...  there's nothing more.

At Lane Trading our focus is on providing you with a complete solution to your  CASE  machinery repair and maintenance needs through a range of money saving products and services that includes,

  • A range of High Quality more Cost Effective  products that will allow you to Save up to a Whopping 60% on OEM prices.

    Free Critical Information Reports
    hat provide you with the sort of useful information that you simply MUST know before undertaking many repairs.

    Free Technical Support
    that can help you with assembly specifications to ensure any product you purchase from Lane Trading gets installed correctly, ensuring you gain maximum value from our products.

    Free Diagnostic Assistance
    . Got a problem you can't work out? With more than 24 years of Case experience, you can bet we have seen it all before, and can advise you on the most cost effective solution to the problem.

    Free "How to do it" Advice.
    Ever been stuck in the middle of a repair, and just needed someone you can talk to, someone who could explain that next step that your not totally sure about?

    Free Loan of a Service Manual
    Do not have your own Service Manual? No need to panic. Lane Trading has several manuals that we loan to our customers from time to time, to help get the job done correctly first time every time.

    Exclusive Double Performance Guarantee
    Lane Trading is the ONLY company backing it's products with a Full 12 Months Warranty, Plus the added Protection of our Exclusive Double Performance Guarantee that ensures you have  ZERO risk on any product you purchase.

    Real Value for Money Parts
    We do not stock the "cheapest" parts ... only those that provide Real Value for Money. The fact is ...  NOT ALL  parts are created  EQUAL. At Lane Trading, we only stock Quality products that we know we can rely on and use in our own repair work. Products that have been tested in the field and have stood the test of time and provide our customers with outstanding Value for Money. 
Q:What about Warranty? How does the Warranty on Lane Trading Parts compare to that offered on Genuine Parts, and other replacement parts?

A: It's simply better. Lane Trading was the first company to provide Case Owners with the protection and piece of mind of a Full 12 Month Warranty on every product sold. 

Today we are the only supplier of CASE Machinery Parts in Australia that has the confidence to back every single product we sell with our Exclusive Double Performance Guarantee that ensures our customers have ZERO risk. 

Q: How much will I save by using Lane Tradings products?

A: We claim You will save Up to 60% on OEM prices. Across our range of products, there are products that offer savings significantly higher than 60%, and there are others where the percentage you will save is less.

As an example, Lane Trading recently sold a customer a crownwheel and pinion set to suit an early Case 850 dozer that was in "as new" condition for $1200. The OEM price for the same part new, is currently more than $9,000. For that particular client, he saved somewhere in the order of 85% on the OEM price.

In Russell Bowketts example, Russell saved a whopping ,$5,000 on the parts he needed for his 455C Final drive. Russell actually saved around 40% on the OEM quote. But I can tell you, Russell was not excited about saving the 40%, Russ was excited about saving the $5,000 in cold hard cash.

To fully appreciate how Lane Trading will save you money, ask us to tell you how Lane Trading saved several clients more than $2,000 each, by selling them nothing?

Q: How long will it take to get parts shipped to where I live?

A: The reality is, for more than 90% of our customers, if you need a spare part and you need it delivered tomorrow morning, then Lane Trading can make it happen for you.

We have an economical Road Express and Overnight Air Freight network in place, that enables us to ship virtually anything to anywhere and do it overnight.

Being strategically located in Brisbane, Lane Trading can efficiently service all towns on the East Coast from Cairns in the North, to Melbourne in the South, in just 2 days max using normal Road Express transport services.

Pre Paid overnight airbags are another excellent tool we use daily to Express ship parts to our customers. Overnight airbags can be sent to just about any major city and most regional centres, in any state for between $14 and $22 per airbag.

If you have specific questions about transport times to your area, please call Lane Trading on (07) 3820 2200.

Q: Do I need to Open an Account to take advantage of the Savings available through Lane Trading?

A: No You Don't. At Lane Trading we have a range of easy payment options available, that will allow you to order the parts you need and have them dispatched the same day. Theres no need for loads of paperwork, no credit application forms, no need to provide references, and no red tape. At Lane Trading you will find we have made it easy for you to do business with us.

parts are created Products that have been tested in the field …have stood the test of time … and provide our customers with outstanding
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