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"If Your NOT Getting the Benefit of a Full
12 Month Warranty ... Plus the added Protection of an  Exclusive Double Performance Guarantee when YOU Purchase Spare Parts for YOUR Case Machinery ... You Need to Ask" ...


Because chances are ... Your NOT being Supplied the
Best Value for Money Spare Parts ... Period!"

Let's face it ... when You rely on earthmoving machinery for YOUR livelihood!
When it breaks down You don't want to be taking risks on poor quality parts that seemed to be cheap at the time.
  • You want the machine fixed!

  • You want it fixed fast!

  • You want the repairs done right first time!

  • You want Parts that are going to last!

  • And, You want Value for Money!
But ... How can YOU be Confident Your Getting Value for Money Parts? 

The simple fact is ... If You haven't personally felt the STING of cheap
inferior quality parts ... I'll bet You already know someone who has? 
And while some people suggest that "all replacement parts
 are made in the same factory".
Don't be Fooled! 
 Product quality, fitment and durability differs enormously between manufactures, 
And yet as consumers, despite knowing this we still make our
purchasing decisions based predominately on the price rather than
seeking the best value for money.

The problem is You'll only discover the difference ... after it's too late.

So How Can YOU Protect Yourself?

When you purchase your Spare Parts from Lane Trading YOU benefit from the 
Unmatched Protection and Piece of Mind
of a Full 12 Month Warranty ...
Plus the added benefit of Lane Tradings

Double Performance Guarantee!

While some competitiors offer 3 months limited warranty.
At Lane Trading we personally guarantee that you will be completely satisfied
with the performance and value of every single spare part we supply.
In fact, we 100% Guarantee you that if your mechanic installs the part/s
as per our Critical Information Report correctly, and you then experience ANY
problems with Lane Tradings Parts in the following 12 Months . . . 

We will replace the Parts for FREE!

If Lane Trading ever has to replace any Parts for FREE
and they fail again . . .

We will Book and Pay for YOUR component to 
be shipped to Lane Trading and we 
will Rebuild it for

YouGet a Double Performance Guarantee!

Lane Trading will not hide behind warranties that are so tight that if you sit
your backside on your machinery the wrong way . . . you void your warranty.

Simple & straight forward. No Hassle. No fine print. All your mechanic has to do is complete our checklist when the Spare Parts are installed 

YOU have ZERO Risk!.  

Before you buy another spare part for your Case machine from anyone.
Ask your supplier if they back their products with a 
 Double Performance Guarantee? 

To find out how Lane Tradings Double Performance Guarantee will help you
reduce your machinery maintenance and repair costs and put
more profits into your business.

Contact Lane Trading today.

D.P.G is available on Retail Sales Only.

Trade and Wholesale Sales are covered by our 
Full 12 Month Replacement Warranty. 


Email  casepart@bigpond.net.au

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Lane Trading is an Importer & Supplier of Quality
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Case industrial parts - Case crawler parts - Case construction parts
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Parts to suit Case backhoe models
Case 580CK - Case 580B - Case 580C - Case 580E - Case 580K 
Case 580SK - Case 580 Super K - Case 580LE
Parts available for Dozer models
Case 350 - Case 350B - Case 450 - Case 450B - Case 450C - Case 455C 
Case 850 Case 850B - Case 850C - Case 855C - Case 850D - Case 855D
Case 1150 - Case 1150B - Case 1150C - Case 1155C - Case 1150D 
Case 1155D Case 1450 and Case 1450B

Lane Trading can also supply parts for
John Deere - JCB - Komatsu - Velvet Drive - Caterpillar
Earthmoving machinery
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